Being a Customs House Agents, we provide expedited services as well as record keeping. We serve as an interface between the importer/exporter and Customs. We encourage our clients to establish long term business development plan, incorporating service improvement and cost reduction measures in order to provide economies.

Our team of professionals ensures that our valuable clients do not face any hassles while going through the routine work. This group of professionals expedites the release of shipments from virtually any terminal in Pakistan through local expertise and information management.


Documentation, customs clearance and all relevant paper work associated with the clearance of inbound and outbound cargo (IMPORT/EXPORT) is provided by us.



v  Fixed cost for customs clearance (No hidden Charges).

v  Budgeted time deliveries at all the upcountry ports and ICDíS.

v  Regular updates regarding changes in custom rules, regulations and SROíS.

v  Specialized and experienced staff at all the ports.

v  Reliable and safe transportation services.

v  Warehousing facilities with computerized inventory control system.

v  Project consultancy services.

v  Facilitating prompt delivery of imported as well as exported goods worldwide.